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Advanced GMP leader

Through 6 system and QMS, Kuhnil Pharm. is strictly complying with the guidelines of Global GMP with more subdivided and high-level quality assurance systems..

Quality management system

We are striving to maintain the excellent quality of medicines and continuously verify the stability, safety and efficacy of products using LIMS, along with optimized standards and test methods, and animal tests.

Quality assurance system

We are making efforts to be in line with the Global GMP System by implementing a higher and more detailed quality assurance system through the 6 system and QMS.

Quality Level

Kuhnil Pharm. is conducting a monthly training program for employees to cultivate GMP capabilities, recording long-term pollution-free and accident-free production.
In addition, we use Quality Risk Management to prevent problems that may occur in quality in advance, consistently producing excellent medicine and medical supplies.

We are implementing a high-level quality management system using the optimized standards, test methods and latest facilities. In addition, we are doing our best to maintain the safety and stability of medicines and medical supplies with our well-known animal testing facility in Korea.