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About Kuhnil

With the belief that our state-of-the-art facilities and best researchers are secured through bold investments, and that the life and health of citizens are protected by Kuhnil Pharm., we at Kuhnil Pharm. will make a powerful start for the development of the world's leading new drugs.

A global pharmaceutical company leading the improvement in quality of life

Kuhnil Pharm.’s primary mission is to create new values to protect the lives and health of human kind and to improve the quality of life.
Based on the management philosophy, Kuhnil Pharm. is giving every effort to grow into a sustainable firm social company by developing a business model that can contribute to the promotion of human health.

R&D To develop the world's leading new drugs

We are striving to develop the world's leading new drugs through bold investments and cutting-edge research facilities.

Business capabilities

  • Hold a variety of core technologies necessary for development of new drugs.
  • Conduct global clinical trials.
  • Implement of distribution networks with multinational pharmaceutical companies that have established global distribution networks.
  • Have proven our production capacity through CMO businesses with global pharmaceutical companies for many years.