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Vision and Research Field

We think of the importance of life first.

Kuhnil Pharm. is striving for the research and development of differentiated products including incrementally modified drugs and combination drugs under the vision of “A global pharmaceutical company contributing to improving the quality of life.”

Since the establishment of the R&D Center in 1992, it has continued to develop high-quality pharmaceutical products and has been recognized for its excellent technology by being selected as an innovative pharmaceutical company in 2012. It secured the independent patent by securing the technology of multi-layer coating of softgel capsules for the first time in the world in 2013.
In 2020, Rosumega soft capsules with the multi-layer coating technology were approved for the European finished product item license for the first time in Korea.
Based on patent technology and competitiveness of preparations it has developed, Kuhnil Pharm. will lead the development of incrementally modified drugs and will do the best to develop drugs available even in well-developed countries by introducing new technology from industries, universities, or government-funded research institutes and actively promoting strategic alliances.

Future strategy for R&D

Securing No.1 specialized technology

Cultivating global talents
Securing excellent domestic and foreign human resources

Continuous R&D investment

Strategic alliance
Outsourcing R&D